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Propman Sells Homes

Propman Property Management is well known for its excellent properties and service in managing properties for owners in the Northern Virginia area.  But did you know that Propman also sells properties? We have 40 years’ experience!

A number of our home owners decide they want to sell their property, for one reason or another, and we’re glad to provide the same stellar service to help them there. Our sales division is under the same roof as our property management services.

Meet Propman’s Principal Real Estate Broker: Mark Andersen.

“The best way to transition from renting to selling is to notify your property manager that you want to sell rather than renew the lease,” Realtor Mark Andersen said. “It’s a very simple process, and we give our owners a discount on the commission.”

“In addition, our properties usually sell very quickly because we keep them up and they are in good shape. I’d say our average sale is in about 30 days,” Andersen continued.

Because Propman has been managing the property we have experience with it, and with its condition. We have the marketing system in place to sell as well as to rent, and we list your property in the MLS system and on other online websites for you. We have one other broker and two salespeople with our sales team who would be delighted to help you.

If you want to sell a property, or just find out more information about selling, please give our sales team a call at 703-569-9323 ext 205 , or contact Propman online.

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