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We Love Realtors Who Find Us Tenants


Propman Property Management lists numerous properties each and every year and we are excited to work with so many fine Realtors who direct renters our way. Thank you!

To make sure your client’s application goes smoothly (and you get paid), we’ve listed a few ways you can help us with the application process.


Deliver a Complete Application

Double check to make sure the rental application is completely filled out. Many times applicants tell the Realtor that they will fill out the application and send it in, but we often have incomplete applications submitted by prospective tenants. And that really holds up the process. You can make their job (and ours) easier by simply double checking the application before submitting it for the approval process. The quicker they are approved, the sooner they can move into their new home.

A complete application should include:

Full Name of all occupants

Applicant Social Security Number

Confirmation of income

Current landlord

Copy of driver’s license attached

For convenience, access our online Rental Application form.

Include Your Business Card

Propman is pleased to pay Realtors a percentage of the first month’s rent as a commission for helping to lease a property, so please attach your business card to the application so we know where to send the check!

Call Propman if You Have Questions

If you have questions about the application, how to earn a commission, or our rental process and policies for our Northern Virginia properties, please pick up the phone and give us a call at 703-593-8637. We’d rather have you ask questions now than go back and forth later when you are submitting an application. We don’t want to hold up the process for you or your client.

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