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How Does Propman Communicate?


For Propman Property Management, a large part of our job is communication with our owners and tenants. Once we list and rent a property, our job is just beginning. Now comes the task of making sure the lease term is a pleasant one for everyone involved.

To us, communication is key. We need to let our owners and our tenants know what is going on with their homes at all times. We also need to get feedback from them on a regular basis.


Propman Uses Technology to Communicate

Not long ago, we upgraded the Propman website to enable more communicative and interactive features such as online application forms. We also feature a secure owner portal where home owners can log in for updates on their properties.  For frequently asked questions, we conveniently divided our FAQs into tenant and homeowner sections, to address those particular audiences.

Another way Propman communicates with owners and tenants is through our blog, Facebook and Google pages where we feature relevant information and informative tips each month. Owner messages also appear on our monthly statements.

How Can You Reach Propman?

Propman is on call 24/7, year-round to handle emergencies, so we have to have the latest technologies in place. We can be reached during office hours via telephone (both landline and cellular connections), fax, email, and text, and after hours on our emergency contact telephone.

Propman Property Management strives to be the best property management company in the Northern Virginia area. If there are ways we can communicate better, let us know!

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