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Spring Maintenance Items for Tenants



If you are renting a house, townhouse or condominium, there are certain activities tenants should perform in the spring.



Now that the weather is warmer, get outside and take an assessment of yard conditions. Tenants should cut back dead branches on bushes, remove twigs, broken limbs and leaves, and deadhead spring flowers. Clean the gutters if they need it. (Your lease will define your responsibilities.)

Mowing should take place about once a week, so the lawn does not become overgrown following spring rains. If the summer months are dry, mow as necessary. Do not mow on the lowest-to-the-ground setting as this can kill the grass and allow weeds to take root. If the lawn is in poor condition, let us know. We may need to have the lawn treated, aerated and seeded.



Bring in the sunlight by washing the windows and sweep sidewalks and porches. Turn on the main valve to your outside water supply and re-hook up hoses to wash away any mud or debris. Take pride in your home and enjoy how nice it looks!



Walk the grounds as well and perform a visual inspection. Are gutters hanging or pulled away from the roof due to ice and snow? Are roof shingles missing? Did the fence get broken or the siding damaged? Check the exterior of your home as well as the entire grounds for problems. If there is an issue, please contact your property manager as soon as you identify it. We will want to take care of it as quickly as possible.

Propman Property Management can also perform periodic inspections for you. Simply contact our office to schedule your inspection.

We enjoy our tenants and want them to enjoy living in the homes we represent. If you are interested in renting from Propman, see our Available Rentals. Or, if you have a home you’d like to rent out, please give us a call

Propman Inspections protect Both Owners and Tenants
Propman Inspections Protect both Owners & Tenants



Propman Property Management is known for the care we take of our  rental properties. We believe it is our mission to provide safe and  pleasant housing and to protect the owner’s investment at the same  time. One way we ensure a favorable outcome is through regular  inspections.



Move In Inspection

Before a tenant moves in, a Propman representative will walk through the property with the new tenant. We run down the list of items left by the landlord that can include the number of keys for entry and mailbox, remote controls, and any mechanical equipment such as lawnmowers. We also point out major systems and show tenants how to change their filters, including those for the furnace, refrigerator water system, and smoke alarms, and explain to the tenants their responsibility in maintaining the property. Overall, we note the condition of the property prior to move-in, using pre-printed Inspection Reports that are uploaded to the landlord’s online account once completed.

This procedure protects not only our client’s investment, it helps the tenant avoid problems down the line as well. If they understand how to operate and maintain the property as defined in their particular lease, fewer maintenance issues, and certainly fewer emergencies, will occur.

Periodic Inspections

Periodical, scheduled inspections are performed to check for water or tenant damage, safety hazards, and filter operation. Our Propman representative will help turn off outside spigots for the winter, and check for lease violations such as pets, additional roommates, clogged gutters, leaves, or tall grass, for example. We speak with the tenant to see if they are experiencing any problems and find out if any repairs are needed. We also advise the tenant if we find an issue and encourage tenants to properly maintain the unit. These inspections are also reported to the landlord or owner.

Move Out Inspection

Once a tenant vacates the property, Propman’s inspector will check for tenant damage, inventory owner items, inspect all appliances and appliance literature, and review the property’s lights, filters and carpet and gutter cleaning receipts. We thoroughly inspect the kitchen: its cabinets, oven, refrigerator, microwave, cooktop. In the bathrooms we check functionality and the caulking (tenant responsibility). Any repairs necessary to prepare the property for the next tenant are noted. Owners are informed of any maintenance items to which they need to attend as well, including painting, deck cleaning/staining, or power washing.

If you are considering renting out your property, or are looking for a rental, please contact Propman Property Management. You’ll find a listing of our available properties on our website.

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