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Preventing Vandalism in your Rental Property


Protecting your property is a 24-hour a day job, and by putting measures into place, your property can help defend itself from break-ins and vandalism. Here are some action items Propman Property Management can suggest that you can use right now.

Light up the Night

Criminals prefer dark areas in which to do their dirty work. Keeping your property well lit acts as a deterrent to criminal behavior. Ensure that outdoor lighting is working and is adequate to illuminate your property on all sides. Install motion detector lighting around doorways. This helps the tenant as well as deters potential problems. Ask the tenants to keep interior lights on as well when they are away.

Trim Shrubbery

In order to prevent places for criminals to hide close to entryways, shrubbery around doors and windows needs to be kept well-trimmed. Propman recommends that bushes be no higher than one foot tall.

Install Alarms

Having an alarm system can be a great deterrent when signage is posted around your property, and in case of a break-in, will alert security personnel. It’s not a bad idea to have at least a minimum local alarm system installed that sounds a siren when doors and windows are tampered with. The loud siren should chase off any intruders.

Make it Look Cared For

Oversee the general appearance of your home and make sure it looks like it’s being lived in and not abandoned. Abandoned properties are prime targets for vandalism. This means keeping the exterior looking fresh, keeping up the lawn, and disposing of yard debris, whether it’s the tenant’s or the owner’s responsibility.

If Vandalism Does Occur

If a break-in or vandalism does occur, call the police immediately, and then call Propman about making any necessary repairs. If you don’t repair items like broken windows immediately, it tends to attract more vandalism.

Your rental property is an investment, and a business venture. You must put time and effort into protecting it. As your property management company in Northern Virginia, Propman is here to assist. Contact us with any questions.

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