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Propman's Winterizing Checklist For Your Home


As a property management company, Propman is dedicated to taking care of your home on your behalf. That’s why we provide our tenants with items they need to do to winterize their rental property here in Northern Virginia. These same tips apply to anyone who owns a home.


  1. Turn off outdoor spigots 

    Spigot turnoff should be done inside the house where the water line extends to the outdoor spigot. Simply turning the knob to the right until it stops will quelch the water flow for the winter. In the spring, simply turn the same knob to the left to restore water flow. If spigots are left open, water trapped within could freeze, consequently cracking water pipes.

  2. Bring in the hose

    Don’t leave your rubber hose attached to the outdoor spigot or in the yard or water trapped inside will cause it to split. Detach it, drain it and bring it inside the shed or garage for winter storage.

  3. Change the furnace filter

    During the winter months your furnace runs continually. Increase its efficiency by installing a new furnace filter now.
  4. Clear leaves

    Rake leaves and bag them for removal from your lawn, patio, deck, and other surfaces. Leaves left on the ground will stain outdoor furniture and decking and kill grasses and plants trapped below.
  5. Clear Gutters

    After all the leaves have fallen from the trees, thoroughly clean and rinse all gutters. This prevents ice from forming on trapped leaves and backing water up into the house or causing gutters to separate or crack.
  6. Inspect your chimney

    If you used your fireplace often in the past year, or used unseasoned or soft woods, hire a professional to clean your chimney every year. If you did not have heavy use, a simple chimney inspection performed by a professional will let you know if your flue is safe to use for the upcoming winter season. You don’t want a chimney fire caused by creosote buildup.
  7. Store lawn furniture

    Most outdoor furnishings do not fare well in freezing and snow-covered conditions. Store them indoors, or provide covers to winterize them.

Make it a point to winterize now, before the snow starts to fall. If you have questions about winterizing your home, please contact Propman Property Management.

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