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Help! My Landlord Isn’t Responding!

When a friend of ours called Propman Property Management recently to complain about their landlord’s lack of response to a simple issue, our thoughts were, “We hear that a lot.” In this case, the tenant is in a home of a private landlord and had asked for a repair for several months in a row, with promises to fix it on the first month, and no responses the subsequent months. She is frustrated and said she is considering making the repair herself and asked our advice on how to do it.

She may or may not be qualified to make the repair, and if she isn’t, the result could be a shoddy job that may cause future problems for the landlord. In addition, her frustration with the landlord causes her to think that the landlord just doesn’t care about her or the property, and that leads to her lack of confidence in him and her decreased sense of caring for the property as well. She is likely to stop caring for the home as if it were her own, quit reporting problems, or move to a new location – all of which create potential losses for the landlord – just because he didn’t respond.

Unfortunately, many tenants who live in homes not represented by a professional property management company are subject to the whims of their landlord when it comes to fixing or repairing simple issues. Landlords are required to respond when major issues like plumbing or heating arise, but for the little things…not so much. We hear this complaint far too often.

Propman Takes Every Call Seriously

At Propman Property Management, we take every tenant call seriously, and respond immediately. We never know whether the issue is truly small, or whether the tenant is trying to make it sound not so serious. If it is small, we can take care of it quickly and immediately, and if it is a large problem, or will lead to a large problem, like a small leak, we can fix it or be aware of it before it becomes disastrous.

Responding quickly to tenant requests also places value on both our company and positions both us and the home’s owner as caring, involved and responsive. Our tenants are happy, our owners are happy, and the property is well-cared-for.

If you are a landlord, you may not want to or be able to respond quickly to tenant requests. That’s why you should considering hiring a professional property management company – like Propman. Give us a call and we’ll review our policies with you and show you how we can take the burden of being a landlord from you. With us on call, you can relax and enjoy the monthly rental income without the hassle of being on call for repairs. As another benefit, if a repair is necessary, we use our dedicated team of repair personnel who provide us with bulk-discounted rates, which we pass directly along to you.

Don’t forget that we also have a stringent screening process for all tenants and can help place only the best into your home here in Northern Virginia. We want to find the tenants who will care for your property as much as you do. Call Propman today.


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