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Before You Rent: Questions for the Landlord Part 3

If you’re looking at a home to rent in Northern Virginia, you should be asking questions of your landlord. These questions not only familiarize you with the policies and services offered by your property management company, they can prevent any disputes later on down the road.

Here is the third installment in the Propman Property Management series “Before You Rent: Questions for the Landlord.” Be sure to refer to our first two posts for additional questions.


  • Are kitchen appliances provided, and if so, which ones?
  • Are a washer and dryer provided? If not, where are the closest laundry facilities?
  • Are blinds or drapes provided?
  • Are there screens or storm windows?
  • Are there fire extinguishers and smoke alarms in the property?
  • Is there a storage area?
  • If I am to do the yard work, are the tools provided (lawn mower, rakes, etc.)?
  • For what maintenance am I responsible (gutters, light bulbs, etc.)?


  • Are the locks changed after the current tenant moves out?
  • Are there secure locking devices such as deadbolts on the doors?
  • Are the locks or security devices on the windows?
  • Does the property have an alarm system?
  • Does the property have security lighting or any special security features?
  • Are the peepholes in the doors?
  • If I lose my key, what is the process?
  • If I am locked out, what is the process?
  • Are cars towed from the lot if they are not registered?
  • Do I need renter’s insurance?

Right of Entry

  • If your staff or repair personnel need to come into my home, how much advance notice will I receive?
  • Do I arrange any repair appointments with contractors or vendors?
  • If it’s not convenient for me, do I have to let the person into the home?
  • If I’ve given notice of moving out, what is the policy on having people come in to look at the property?

Propman Property Management lists Available Properties for Rent on our website. We also represent homeowners who have a property to rent. If you are looking for a home, please review our listings and submit a rental application. You’ll find we’re great to rent from.

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