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Safety Tips for the Older Tenant

Renting a home isn’t just for the young. In fact, according to a report by the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies, “Since 2005, the number of  renter households aged 50 and over has increased dramatically, jumping from 10 to nearly 15 million, and accounting for more than half of all renter growth over the past decade.”

The report also states that baby boomers (aged 50-69) are highly responsible for the increase in older renters. The boomers have all now aged into the 50 category and are driving up renter numbers.

A number of older renters are transitioning by choice. Renting offers them more cost-effective options that require less time, physical effort and money to maintain than a house they own. They can also choose more accessible options, like first-floor or single-floor living, no steps, walk-in showers, and other elements designed for the older population.

Older renters are also more concerned about safety than their younger counterparts—both for their physical safety and security. As an older renter, here are some tips to make your rental home safer.

Safety Tips for Older Tenants

Place a fire alarm in each bedroom and on each floor

To make sure toilets are not too low, add a toilet seat riser

Wipe up spills immediately

Wear non-slip footwear

Secure rugs with carpet tape, and avoid throw rugs, especially around stairs

Add nonslip strips or rubber bath mats to tub and shower floors

Add a portable shower seat and a handheld shower nozzle

Add extra lighting

Use handrails when ascending and descending stairs

Keep bushes around entrances and windows trimmed

Keep the floor and passageways clear

Don’t rush across the house

Replace electrical appliances that have fraying or damaged cords

Don’t overload electric outlets or extension cords

Never leave candles burning in an unoccupied room

Keep windows and doors locked

Plan an evacuation route with at least 2 exit points from each room

Do not let strangers into the house when you are alone

Designate an emergency contact

Safety Elements Landlords Can Add

Relocate electrical outlets to higher access areas

Add handrails in hallways, and grab bars in bathrooms and showers

Repair loose railings and broken steps and walkways

Install floor surfaces that are not slippery when wet

Install lever handles on doors

Always have an emergency contact

Propman Property Management is always concerned with tenant safety, for our tenants at any age.  If you have questions, as a tenant, as to what you can and cannot add to your rental home for your safety, please give us a call. And always call us if you desire to install anything into the house. Permanent additions are often not allowed, or must be installed by a professional and licensed contractor.

If you are looking for a home to rent in Northern Virginia, check Propman’s convenient Available Rentals. Application forms are also available under the Residents section on our website. 

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