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The Warning Signs of a Bad Tenant

Propman Property Management is always talking about and promoting good tenants, however, despite any property management company’s best efforts, not all potential tenants are good ones.

Since a bad tenant can destroy property, result in an empty property, or cost a significant amount of profit, we make it a point to find the right tenants for our property owners. It helps protect our owners from damages or lost income, and it surely reduces our headaches as the property manager.

Here are some of the red flags we catch in the application process that can indicate a bad tenant:

  1. They don’t completely fill in the application, or there are unexplained gaps in the information.
  2. Their rental history doesn’t match their actual records.
  3. Their landlord reference turns out to be a friend and not a former landlord.
  4. The employment history is sketchy, has gaps, and they have no references.
  5. They are leaving their current property in mid-lease.

If a tenant application is filled out correctly and all seems to be right, there are still indicators that could indicate a potential bad tenant. These red flags can come in the form of questions they ask:

  1. They ask if they can pay the rent in cash.
  2. They wonder if they can work on the property in a partial trade for rent.
  3. They need to pay their deposit in several installments.
  4. They try to negotiate a cheaper rent, without having a good reason for it.
  5. They talk about having roommates, but only want their name on the lease.

You hire Propman Property Management because we’re experienced in finding and vetting good tenants. You may not recognize the traits of a bad tenant, but we certainly will.

--Excerpted from 10 Traits of Terrible Tenants, American Apartment Owners Association

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