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Are the Holidays a Good Time to Rent or Sell a Property?

At Propman Property Management, we often get asked the question whether the holiday time is a good time to rent or sell a property or not.

Here in Northern Virginia’s property management market, we find that people are generally not thinking about renting at this time of year. Renter cash flow is low and it is a relatively dead time in the market. We do find, however, that the military market moves no matter what the season.

We also believe the rental market is slowing because the people who lost their homes a few years ago with the market downswing, and have been renting, are now becoming qualified to purchase a home again. Their three-year waiting period after filing bankruptcy is now up.

Advice We Give to Our Rental Property Owners

For Propman’s property owners whose leases end in December, we often recommend partially extending the lease if they can to at February or March when the market opens up again.

With our owners’ approval, Propman can negotiate lease terms with the tenant who is already in your home on your behalf, with the goal of extending the lease until more favorable rental times are available.

Propman Can Also Help You Sell Your Home During the Holidays

If you want to sell your home during the holidays, we can also help. With the proper staging and marketing, any time of the year is good for selling, although the peak season falls between mid-February and early June. Contact our sales team at 703-569-5702 ext 205.

The holidays might not be the most popular time to think about renting, selling or buying a home, but people do relocate during this time, so there is always a market. For more information, please contact Propman Property Management.

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