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Give a Referral, Get a Month’s Fee Free!

 Propman Property Management loves to get property owner referrals. In fact, we get many of them due to the highly-professional way we operate our business. And with the rental market hopping, we could use more homes to serve all the applicants who want to rent properties from Propman.


Refer a new client and get the rewards yourself

As a homeowner/ landlord yourself, you probably know other people who want to rent out their home either on a temporary or ongoing basis. Send them to us!

When you give Propman a referral that turns into a new client, we’ll give you the reward…in the form of one month’s management fee.

That means for each new client you refer to us, we’ll remove one month’s management fee from your account. If you refer 12 people who become clients, it’s like having a year of our professional property management for free!

If you’d like more information, please contact Steve or Frank directly.

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