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Help, I have Ants!


With the first warm days of summer, you might be surprised to find a few ants exploring the inner regions of your kitchen or here and there throughout your home. Hopefully, it’s just a few. Most of the time you can solve your ant problem yourself, without the use of chemicals. Here are some useful tips to try.

              Tips for Avoiding Ants


Clean up crumbs

Ants love to look for easy food sources, and once they find one, they tell the rest of the colony. Head them off at the pass by cleaning up after food is served or prepared, and vacuuming regularly.

Don’t leave pet food bowls out

Ants love pet food because it is close to the ground and easily accessible. Feed your pet and remove and wash the bowl. Or if you must leave it out, place the bowl into another bowl filled with soapy water that will form a barrier between ants and the tasty morsels.

Use old-fashioned remedies

Ants are deterred by both chalk and baby powder. For ant protection, sprinkle either one in areas where ants may be entering, or create a barrier line around window or door sills. Ants also do not like vinegar, so use vinegar as a cleaning agent; its acidity level is ideal to kill bacteria, mold and germs as well. Outdoors, you can use coffee grounds to repel ants (and cats).


For a small infestation, a few drops of a borax-based ant killer like TERRO® Ant Killer liquid can often do the trick. Place the drops on a piece of cardboard near where they are entering, and don’t be surprised to see more ants over the next several hours. They’re telling their friends. In a short while, all ants should be gone. Be careful when using around pets.

Call Propman Property Management

If all home attempts have failed, or you have a large ant infestation, please contact Propman Property Management (or your property manager). We can engage a pest control crew to chemically spray the area.

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