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Helpful Moving Tips


Moving can be fun and not fun at the same time. It is exciting to look forward to a new place to live, but at the same time, the process of moving all of your stuff from one location to another can be daunting.


Here are 15 helpful tips from Propman Property Management to help make your move a little easier.



  1. Donate unneeded items. It doesn’t make sense to pay to move items you no longer use. Donate them to a local charitable organization. Clear out clutter and trash.
  2. Create a playbook. Use a spiral-bound notebook to record everything. Include mover contact numbers, friends’ numbers, schedules and to do lists. If you’re really organized, number each box and write a brief contents list in your playbook for each box. Keep important papers in a location you can access quickly.
  3. Pack an overnight bag. Put what you will need today, tomorrow and the next day into a small bag or suitcase and keep it handy in the car so it doesn’t get mixed in with the other boxes.
  4. Pack a “first open” box. For the items you will need first, like cleaning supplies, toilet tissue and cookware, pack them in a clear box, or a clearly-marked box on which you write “open first.”  Place this box on the truck last and designate a spot where this box will be delivered in the new home.
  5. Pack like things together. Keep a theme to each box, like shoes, daily dishes or office supplies to make it easier to find things later. Include cords with electronics.
  6. Mark boxes by room. With a marker, write on each box the name of the room it goes to in the new home. Be specific; assign numbers to bedrooms and bathrooms.
  7. Pack plates vertically. When placed in boxes vertically, rather than stacked, plates are less likely to break. Mark “fragile” on these boxes.
  8. Secure valuables. “Hide” valuables in a box mismarked with a label like “miscellaneous kitchen items” or plan to store them away from the home prior to the move.
  9. Hang a plastic bag over clothing. Bring a large plastic bag up over a bunch of clothing still on the hangers and pull the drawstring around the top with the hangers showing for an instant clothing carrier.
  10. Eat up groceries ahead of time. Stop buying groceries about two weeks ahead of the move and eat up what is in the house.
  11. Keep snacks on hand. To stave off hunger pangs, keep a variety of snacks and drinks on hand during the move.
  12. Defrost the refrigerator a day or two ahead. Empty and unplug the refrigerator a day or two before the move, and wipe up any condensation or water.
  13. Hire a pet or baby sitter. Free up your attention by hiring someone to watch your pets or children while you’re packing or unpacking the truck.
  14. Put masking tape over picture glass and mirrors. This will help keep glass in the frame and help absorb shock.
  15. Maintain a sense of humor. Moving is stressful, so keep that in mind, and keep a sense of humor about the little things that might go wrong.

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