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How Propman Prepares a Tenant for a Move-Out

When you think of the term property management, you think of renting out and caring for properties that are under the manager’s supervision. But there are other aspects to property management as well, such as moving tenants out.

At Propman Property Management we utilize a well-constructed system for the move-out process that begins at the lease signing. From the very first, we establish our move-out policies, giving new tenants a list that includes what the tenant is responsible for in terms of maintenance and cleanliness during their stay and what they are required to do to ensure a smooth move-out.

When a tenant gives notice or a lease is terminated, Propman issues a move-out letter that reminds the tenant, highlighting the items within the lease for which they are responsible to complete prior to moving out in order to recapture their security deposit. Items not completed create grounds for deductions from or complete forfeiture of the security deposit, as it takes our time and staff to clean up a mess or replace broken items. Normal wear and tear is acceptable.

Once move-out is completed, Propman performs a post-tenant inspection, working from our checklist and inspecting the property for issues. If issues are found, and are caused by or neglected by the tenant, they can also create grounds for loss of the security deposit.  Items that are required to be returned, such as keys, garage door openers, remote controls and parking passes are additionally enumerated on the checklist pertinent to the particular property. Missing items will be charged to the tenant.

Most of the time, move-outs occur without a hitch; the inspection goes well, the renters receive their money back and new tenants can move in sooner.

If you are interested in renting out your home or in finding a rental property in Northern Virginia, please contact Propman Property Management. We’ll be glad to walk you through the process.


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