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How to Make Your Rental House a Home


Even though you’re not the owner of the home in which you are living, there is no reason why you shouldn’t make it a home. There are hundreds of ways you can incorporate your personality without risking your security deposit. Here are just some of the simple things you can do.



You will never feel at home while your belongings are still boxed up. Unpack everything and get rid of the boxes.

Add Lighting

You can change the mood of a room with lighting. Swap out high-wattage bulbs for softer ones, use table lamps instead of overhead lighting, or strategically place floor lamps for reading nooks.

Use Plants

Add color to your outdoor space with plants. Use a tiered plant stand to hold several varietals, place pots around the entryway or plant a small herb garden outside the back door. Fill a vase with fresh flowers and display it on your dining table. Be careful to insulate any containers against water that could damage floors or surfaces.

Buy Real Furniture

There’s no reason to live with your old college couch. Start investing in good furniture like a bed, couch or dining table that you can take with you when you eventually move. If you don’t want to spend the money on high-end furnishings until you get your own home, haunt the consignment stores for perfectly-good bargains.

Hang Curtains

Even if your rental comes with window blinds, hang curtains to soften up the room, coordinate with your furnishings, and add a real homey touch. They can also function as insulation against the outdoor elements and lights.

Lay a Rug

Lay an area rug down on a hardwood floor for instant warmth or to cover any flooring you consider ugly.


Accessories can brighten or coordinate any room, so invest in throw pillows, cuddy afghans, colorful guest towels, and meaningful knickknacks.

Use Real Dishes

Get yourself a set of real (matching) dishes and glassware, and use them. The act of cooking and eating at home brings the feel of the hearth to the family. Invest in a colorful tablecloth and create a beautiful table tableau.


Call Propman to get permission of the landlord, you may be able to paint a room or an accent wall to personalize your rental space. Check on their regulations on restoring the property to its original condition and colors.

Hang Pictures

Decorate the walls with a strategically-placed painting, or hang framed photos of the kids. To try to keep nail holes to a minimum, however; don’t overly-decorate the walls. And check with the landlord beforehand for their hanging policies.

Just because you’re renting, it doesn’t mean you have to stare at white walls. Use this time to experiment with your decorating tastes and hone your skills in selecting just the right accents to make your house a home

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