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Managing Rental Properties is a Business


When I was younger, I used to manage my own properties. I realized then that with the constraints of my job and my responsibilities to my family, I didn’t make the best property manager. What I’ve learned since, working at Propman Property Management and as a Real Estate Agent is that I really missed out. Here’s why.

I tended to repeat the same mistakes over and over again because I didn’t understand the intricacies of managing my rental properties as a business.


We, at Propman, are always reminded that we have to educate our property owners, especially when they ask, “Why do I have to put money into my property?” or “Why should I have to do that?” when we make a recommendation.

Your Rental Investment

We are in the business of protecting your rental investment. That’s right, it’s not your home any more, it’s a business investment, and as with any investment, you have to reinvest in it to ensure it remains profitable.

That’s why homeowners hire Propman. We handle maintenance issues, whether for something that breaks or for preventive reasons. This can include painting, cleaning, trimming, powerwashing decks, and cleaning roofs of algae and moss. (Gutter cleaning is the tenant’s responsibility). We also make repairs. We have a complete and trusted vendor network who work for us that we call upon on a regular basis.

Maintenance is One Thing We Take Very Seriously

If a tenant requests a repair, we take it seriously. We find that if you don’t, the tenant gets the impression that you don’t care about the property, then, as a result, they don’t care either. That’s when things can go from bad to worse.

Take the example of a leaking roof. The tenant complains. If you don’t fix it, the next thing you know, the water starts coming in through the ceiling, causing even more expensive repairs. After a big storm, the water damage is even worse. Not only does the tenant become enraged (“I TOLD you it was leaking”), your simple repair has now become a more extensive—and expensive—one.

If you’ve been managing your own rental property, or are thinking about renting out your home, please give us a call first. We can help give you guidelines, whether you use our services or not. 

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