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Questions to ask a Landlord Part 4


This is our fourth and final post in Propman Property Management’s series of questions to ask the landlord before you rent. We know it seems like a lot of questions, which is why we broke them up into a convenient series, but not all of these questions will come up. Most, if not all, will be covered by our representative at the time you sign your lease.

A lease is not only a legal transaction; it defines the responsibilities held by each party signing the lease (you and us).  Therefore, it is best to ask and answer all questions up front so there are no surprises later.

Here are the final questions to take into consideration before renting:




  • How early can I move in?
  • May I move in early if the previous tenant leaves early?
  • Is there an early move-in fee?
  • If my property is not clean, or items are in disrepair, when will these items be completed or fixed?
  • When moving out, when do I need to be out of the property?
  • What parking provisions are available?
  • Do I need a parking permit?

Living in the Home

  • What is the allowable length of stay for visitors?
  • Where can visitors park?
  • Can I get a roommate? If so, do they need to be on the lease?
  • What is your policy on pets?
  • Are there any extra fees if I have pets?
  • If I want to make a custom change to the property (like painting a white wall a different color), what is your policy? Do you make the change, or do I?
  • Is smoking allowed inside the home?

Emergencies and Repairs

  • If something breaks while I’m living here, who is responsible for fixing it?
  • Who should I call, and when?
  • Do you have regular workday hours, weekend hours, or after-hours contacts?
  • Do you have an emergency or after-hours number?
  • Do you have a maintenance staff (either on site or off site)?
  • How quickly can I expect repairs to be made?

We hope you enjoyed this series. Be sure to review the lists of questions covered in Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 as well. 

And if you wish to rent from Propman Property Management, feel free to review our Available Rentals. If you see one you like and you qualify, we welcome you to submit a Rental Application. All forms are conveniently available online in our “Residents” section.

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