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Renters and Pets

We love pets, and we know you love your pets as members of your family. But how do pets and rentals go together?

Through years of experience, Propman Property Management has developed a pretty solid and fair pet policy to deal with a variety of issues that may arise with pet ownership. Many times, the pet policy is set by the home’s owner, who may decline to accept pets, or make that decision on a case-by-case basis.

What Types of Pets are Allowed

In general, the types of pets allowed inside a home include small dogs, cats, birds, fish, and small mammals and reptiles. Some of Propman’s properties also include exterior facilities like barns, where tenants are allowed to keep horses.

Number of Pets

Generally, we try to restrict pets to one per household, but this depends on the type and size of your pet and the facilities provided.

Security Deposits

Tenants will be required to pay an additional security deposit to cover any potential damage their pet may cause. Refundable security deposits will be held in reserve to defray damage costs, if applicable. Security deposits may be used to clean or replace carpeting from urine and feces stains, repair wood damage, or other damage caused by your pet.


You will be required to disclose what type of pet, the age and weight of your pet you are interested in housing.

The reason we require policies regarding pets is to protect both our tenants and our landlords’ property.  This way everyone knows where they stand and what is expected. It is standard in the industry.

If you are interested in renting from Propman in Northern Virginia, please take a look at our available rentals. If you see a home you like and are interested in finding out more about our pet policies, please give us a call.

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