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Should a Tenant Take Matters into their Own Hands?

Sometimes Propman Property Management gets a call from one of our Northern Virginia tenants who wants to handle an issue on their own instead of having us do it for them. For example, they may want to repair a washing machine themselves, replace a refrigerator with their own or find another tenant to take over their lease.

While it may seem that the tenant is doing us a favor, their taking matters into their own hands can create a liability issue for both themselves and our management company.

We are paid representatives of our property owners, and as such, we are the decision makers and overseers of the properties we represent. Our owners trust us to maintain certain standards and safety requirements on their behalf. And often the equipment, appliances and fixtures in a home are their personal property.

If a tenant performs a repair themselves, no matter how small, it could potentially cause issues as well. Perhaps they didn’t know enough about electrical wiring when replacing an outlet—which could cause a fire down the line. Or maybe they used the wrong brand or style of paint that doesn’t quite match what is already on the wall—causing us to have to repaint the entire room after they leave, and quite possibly costing them their security deposit.

A tenant may want to exit their lease early, and think they can find another tenant to take over their existing lease (subletting). This is not allowed because each and every leaseholder on the property must qualify as a renter, through our required application and investigation process.

If you, as a tenant, have an issue or spot a problem, please contact Propman Property Management.
We have a full maintenance team on call to handle any problem. We encourage open communication and will make every effort to respond quickly to your needs.

Safety, aesthetics, and legal regulations are all issues we have to consider—for your safety and ours.

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