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What Happens to Home Rentals in a Seller’s Market?

For a while now, we’ve been in what’s called a “Seller’s Market.”  That means that housing inventory is low and there aren’t enough properties around for the buyers who want them.

What’s good about a seller’s market is that homeowners are often selling the property at the asking price – and sometimes higher if several buyers want the same property. It all lies under the principle of supply and demand. When supply is low, prices are up. When supplies become more plentiful, buyers have more options and prices may need to be lowered in order to attract them.

What’s bad about a seller’s market is that for buyers, home prices are usually high and competition for them is strong. Therefore, in a seller’s market, people often turn to renting, or remain in rental properties to await a market shift to a buyer’s market, when properties are more plentiful and prices drop. 

A Seller’s Market Can Be Good for Rental Investors

Propman Property Management is positioned to help our property owners during a seller’s market in two ways.

  1. We Can Sell Your Property For You

First, it’s a great time to sell your home.  If you have been on the fence about selling, now is the time to take a look at preparing your home for sale in the spring. Propman has an in-house real estate sales team led by broker Mark Andersen. They can answer your questions and list your house for sale. Call them at 703-569-8323 ext. 205.

  1. We Can Find and Keep Great Tenants

Second, we can find and retain the best tenants on your behalf. Let us post your rental and screen potential tenants, then manage your property for the duration of the lease period and beyond. You will enjoy regular communication and clear statements from Propman, and, if the need for repairs arises, we pass along to you the special low rates offered by our contractor partners.

It is Propman’s goal to provide excellent services to our clients, no matter whether they sell or rent out their homes. Contact us today.

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